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 A new year has arrived and  the "Corvettes of Elk  Grove"  are still traveling at full speed! We really appreciate any and  all donations toward helping the children and families of our great community.

Our sincere thanks to those who have supported our non-profit.


2016 Events Photos

The Elk Grove Multicultural Festival in the Elk Grove Regional Park was a great succes! There was much to see and do with so many vendors and various entertainment . Many thanks go out to Ms. Verna Mckeel and Ms. Jodie Moreno for their untiring effort in all areas of the events prepration. And thanks as well to all staff, security, and the student volunteers for your hard work. What a team!!!


Ms. Verna Mckeel, a member of the Arts and Entertainment Sub-committee, who is working closely with us in coordinating the Elk Grove's Multicultural Festival and Car Show invited the COE to the Elk Grove Multicultural Committee meeting held on July 19. It was an honor to attend and may we add, very informative. Thank you Verna!