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Welcome to Corvettes of Elk Grove



 A new year has arrived and  the "Corvettes of Elk  Grove"  are still traveling at full speed! We really appreciate any and  all donations toward helping the children and families of our great community.

Our sincere thanks to those who have supported our non-profit.


About Us

     For many years we, the incorporators of this organization, dug into our own pockets to provide the funds to purchase ingredients for bake sales, products for car washes or just cash for the purchase of food to assemble Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner boxes.  However, as these needs grew, the expense become too overwhelming to continue without assistance from other outside sources. We decided to become a private non-profit organization.

     We originally got together because we had a common interest - Corvette automobiles.   We soon discovered that, as we attended some local charities, more and more folks were drawn to the events because they enjoyed seeing all the different types and models of Corvettes parked together, highly polished and attractive to the eye.

     The Corvettes became the engine that enticed more people to events designed to benefit a charitable cause or organization,  i.e.,  a family’s home is destroyed by fire, a children’s facility needs some special equipment, or playground equipment for a local park.  Automobile enthusiasts tend to be very philanthropic and will attend an event with other enthusiasts and donate money to the benefit.  These vehicles are a great drawing attraction at High School events when booster clubs are attempting to raise money for school activities. 

     We hold various events, including bake sales and car washes, raising money for needy families and on a yearly basis providing bicycles for a number of youth at Christmas.   In addition we assist families in crisis through spontaneous events, i.e. car washes for a family who just lost a loved one and cannot afford burial expenses or a family in crisis due to catastrophic illness or an accident. 

     The Corvettes of Elk Grove members brainstorm various ways to raise money and donations for Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. In November and December we pool resources to feed needy families and provide holiday food baskets to families identified by community members.  We also assist churches and other community organizations during the holidays and mentor our youth.                                 

 The Corvettes of Elk Grove is a  Private Non-Profit organization.

 Internal Revenue Code 501 (c) (3). Non Profit  Identification Number 42-1753183



Board Members:

President: Lou Moore

Treasurer: Vibianna Williams

Secretary: Sylvia Moore